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Gardening As One Way to Fight Trump-Era Hopelessness

Frida Berrigan speaks at an antiwar seminar in Sweden in 2011. (Credit: YouTube)

One family’s effort to grow their way out of despair.

By Frida Berrigan
July 11, 2017


I work part-time for a small nonprofit that builds and manages community gardens. It employs (and hopefully empowers) young people to do the physical labor and community improvement work of growing food in and for our urban center. As we were organizing a new community garden in a poor and isolated part of our small city recently, a woman told me that she was excited about growing her own food because “you never know when they are going to stop shipping food in here.”

Over-the-top paranoid? Maybe. But it rang a bell of worry with me. Yes, the planet is changing radically and an erratic and vengeful man in the Oval Office eggs it on. Donald Trump now being the boss of the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet puts a new spin on the phrase “You’re fired!” So, the thought that we might be left to fend for ourselves in New London seems less than paranoid these days — but of course maybe I’m just paranoid!

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