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Japan: Tokyo’s Pasona Group staff will tend to cows, horses and pigs on the 13th floor of its new headquarters

Original 2016 Tokyo office has grown its own food in a vertical farm since 2005. You walk over a 1,000-square-foot rice paddy, continue through an okra field and you enter the vine-covered “tomato guest room” or the “vegetable factory” filled with hundreds of hydroponic heads of lettuce.

On the second floor, fruit trees form partition walls between meeting spaces, bean sprouts are grown under benches and herbs grow on shelving along the walls.

Nikkkei Asian Review
July 10, 2017


The Pasona Group staffing agency will tend to cows, horses and pigs on the 13th floor of its new headquarters near Tokyo Station, opening the exhibition ranch to the public in an effort to cultivate interest in husbandry.

The company’s headquarters recently relocated to a building close to the northern exit of the heavily trafficked station. The 400-sq.-meter ranch will be open on weekdays and Saturdays. An accompanying cafe will host food-related educational programs for children.

Milk production in Japan has declined as the populations of ranchers and dairy cows both decline, contributing to a butter shortage. Trade pacts with Europe and other markets may also hurt the industry.

By showcasing the farm animals, Pasona hopes to stir interest in potential future ranchers. A working ranch in Kyoto operated by a group subsidiary would take in candidates for training.

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