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L.A.’s New Urban Farm Initiative Struggles to Sow its Seeds

A parcel listed as a potential location for an urban garden sits on a residential street in Manhattan Beach. By Marie Targonski-O’Brien

Los Angeles is offering landowners financial incentives to turn their urban property into green spaces. Unfortunately, nobody has applied yet.

By Marie Targonski-O’Brien
July 18, 2017


“We haven’t had a single contract come through,” says Bruce Durbin, Supervising Planner at Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning.

Durbin says finding landowners and farmers who are interested in participating is a big part of the battle.

“In many cases, we need a matchmaker like a community organization or church to connect us with someone who is interested in farming,” says Durbin who adds that the Los Angeles Food Policy Council is working with the Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning to make those connections.

Qualification has also set accessibility low to accommodate the unique urban landscape of Los Angeles. Each parcel has to be located in an unincorporated space and must be between .1 to 3 acres. The Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning estimates that 8,600 parcels are eligible for the program. Only a fraction seemed suited for agriculture.

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