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Canada: Garden battle – Quebec City woman told she can’t grow veggies in her front yard

Véronique Chapier wants to grow vegetables on her front lawn, but her neighbours say her yard is a mess. (Cathy Senay/Radio-Canada)

Véronique Chapier has until Aug. 1 to comply with city’s bylaws or will face fines

By Cathy Senay
July 27, 2017


Two weeks ago, a city inspector informed Chapier that her garden breaks a number of rules, namely that:

The vegetable garden can’t be on her front lawn.
Some plants are too tall and the landscaping is messy.
Some are planted beyond her property line.
There are wooden pallets and plastic containers on her lawn that constitute a nuisance.

Her neighbour Louisette Alain has reported the garden to the city once a year for the last three years. Alain says she has been trying to sell her house for two years and prospective buyers are put off by the garden.

She said she has no problem with it when it’s maintained, but right now, “it’s not a garden. There’s nothing aesthetic about it.”

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