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Developer needed for an urban farm brand identity project

Budget $800 – Logo Design & Branding

Aug 8, 2017


Trillium is an urban farming company looking to revolutionize the food industry. We strive to provide quality, year-round produce to the local community using advanced hydroponic growing techniques. Our food-to-table process involves organic seed and nutrients and eliminates the need for any chemical control substances. This gives the customer a product that is not only both healthy and trustworthy but also tastes extraordinary – or as we like to say, “Tastes how it is supposed to.”

Trillium’s main goals revolve around the following three areas (hence Trillium):
1. Health – Improvement of both personal and environmental health
2. Education – Available opportunity for knowledge growth
3. Community – Help strengthen the local community

Trillium is looking for creative individuals skilled in corporate brand identity development. Skills in WordPress development would be viewed as an asset as possible future web development projects are being organized.

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