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UK: Urban farming project makes BBC Countryfile debut

Dr Jens Thomas and Dr Paul Myers with BBC presenter James Wong at the Guild’s rooftop farm.

The programme highlighted how Farm Urban uses aquaponics as an educational tool to teach local people about hi-tech future food systems, inspire them to connect with their environment and empower them to make positive and informed choices.

The University of Liverpool
Aug 2, 2017


A pioneering social enterprise founded by two University of Liverpool scientists is featured on the latest episode of the BBC’s Countryfile.

Farm Urban develops and tests the most efficient ways to grow food in urban environments, focusing primarily on aquaponics systems, which grow fish and vegetables simultaneously in a closed-loop ecosystem.

The ‘cities’ themed episode looked at some the inventive and inspiring ways that Britain’s urban spaces and communities are connecting with nature, and showed how Farm Urban’s aquaponics systems allow food to be grown in unexpected urban spaces.

Co-founders Dr Paul Myers and Dr Jens Thomas, who are post-doctoral researchers at the University’s Institute of Integrative Biology, were interviewed about the initiative by presenter James Wong at the Liverpool Guild of Students’ aquaponics rooftop farm.

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