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Urban Livestock: A homesteading guide for Chicago parents

There is NO LIMIT to the number or kind of livestock you can keep. You are welcome to bring goats, chickens, pigs, bees, alpacas, turkeys, tribbles and more, right to your balcony or tiny parcel of lawn.

By Matt Boresi
Chicago Parent
Aug 1, 2017


Urban Livestock can be raised to yield dairy products, including eggs, which I swear were in the dairy group when we were kids but I’m pretty sure are more like meat. You’ll need to ask a hippie. Fresh eggs and milk are more delicious than the kind you buy at the store, which is irradiated and contains tasting notes of existential dread owing to the terroir of commercial farms.

Before you begin your small farm, do run the numbers on how financial desirable it will be, as you will be spending thousands on beasts, feed, pens and noise ordinance violations, even though eggs only cost between 59 cents and $5 a dozen, depending on how much you hate chickens. Alternately, you could instead raise animals for their wool. Even though you only have room for but one Rambouillet, that sheep alone could yield four sweaters! Christmas is solved!

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