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Canada: B.C. gardeners dig into yard-sharing

Rose Dykstra in the front yard of her Vancouver home on Aug. 5. Dykstra uses her front yard, and that of a neighbour, to grow flowers for her business, Front Yard Flower Co. By Jason Payne.

Regular homeowners who want to share their space with non-commercial gardeners can use the Young Agrarians U-Map to offer up their yards, and gardeners can look at the existing land listings.

By Randy Shore
Vancouver Sun
Aug 8, 2017


Both Dykstra and Single-Dain lamented the existence of a dedicated Vancouver website for homeowners and gardeners interested in yard-sharing. Victoria-based LifeCycles Project hosted a yard-sharing website at for several years and had expanded it to 58 cities before the platform collapsed.

“We were running without funding and I tried to write some grant applications while I scaled up,” said former project leader Chris Hawkins. “After the economic collapse it just got harder and harder to get grants, especially as we weren’t regarded as a startup.”

Over time, the programming language used to build the platform became increasingly outdated, which affected the performance of the system and led to its demise.

Unable to obtain the $25,000 needed to fund an overhaul in a current programming language, LifeCycles walked away from the project. Yard-sharing has continued through less formal channels such as Facebook and inquiries to urban-farming advocates.

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