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‘’ now available for $23,400 !

“Please note that Premium Domain Names are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no guarantees that the domain name(s) will be available when you go to the Network Solutions website.”

By Michael Levenston
City Farmer Society
Aug 13, 2017
Note. We do not own ‘’.
Registered to Uniregistrar Corp.(PRIVACYDOTLINK CUSTOMER 665476
Street:PO BOX 30485
See owner information here.

When we started our website in 1994, we chose to purchase ‘’ because we are a non-profit. We noted that at some point the .com site was purchased by a commercial entity, but nothing was ever published using that domain name.

We later purchased ‘’ to emphasize our news function. Then this last year, we were given the ‘’ name by the Vancouver fellows who administer that domain. We are using it to celebrate our coming 40th anniversary and are featuring our demonstration garden.

So we are delighted to see the unaffordable ‘’ come on the market at an increased value. This shows that urban agriculture is continuing to thrive.


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