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A Look Inside Colorado’s First And Only Edible Insect ‘Ranch’

Crickets are just an ingredient in the empanadas — they’re not over selling it,” McGill said. “And Daniel Asher’s Kentucky Fried Crickets at River & Woods always sell out. He brines them for hours like you would fried chicken.”

By Alexandra Palmerton
303 Magazine
August 9, 2017


RMMR is already growing quickly as word spreads. McGill spoke at Slow Food Nations, and this week she’s in New Mexico pitching to investors at New Mexico State University’s Ag Sprint Accelerator. She will also be on a panel at Denver’s Start-Up Week discussing Urban Agriculture with other farmers and chefs in the area.

Coming soon, RMMR is partnering with The Butterfly Pavillion to develop a co-branded line of snacks for its stores and other museum shops. The team is also organizing a bug dinner at Ophelia’s for the Entomology Society of America conference in November.

With a boutique production of about 10 pounds per month and hopes to grow to 250 pounds per month — with 1,500 crickets per pound — the focus now is growth. RMMR is fundraising for a larger space — hopefully, something around 10,000 square feet in eastern Colorado or the western slope.

As their business grows, McGill and Conrad hope to continue breaking the stigma behind eating insects by partnering with restaurants who do it so well.

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