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Philippines: DIY farming for urbanites in Cebu City

CEBU City is not an ideal place for agriculture. Agricultural lands are limited to the mountain barangays, a lot of which have steep slopes that are hard to farm on. Then there are the other challenges: the financial aspect, lack of water and the failure to innovate.

By Jujemay G. Awit
SunStar Philippines
Aug 30, 2017


Aside from the newspaper technology, the nursery shows how urban farming can be undertaken using the vertical gardening method, where one could stack two or more five-gallon water bottles with the top capped off. Soil is placed inside the large water bottle, which one will then slash to make a flap where one could plant the seed or seedling.

There is also the hanging garden. Urban residents could hang their potted plants to conserve space. They could also use old rubber tires as a small garden plot, just enough for their daily vegetable consumption.

Another method is the Magic Square, where one could plant at least four different kinds of vegetables in a one-square-meter plot of land or boxed garden. Nursery in-charge Vicente Alcesto showed SunStar Cebu a sample of the Magic Square at the nursery, which was planted with malunggay (horseradish), camote (sweet potato), alugbati (spinach) and tanglad (lemongrass).

“These are already ingredients for utan Bisaya (boiled vegetables). You just need to add meat,” said Alcesto.

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