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UK: Corbyn, leader of the Queen’s loyal opposition, putters about in the garden

Mr. Corbyn grows fruits and vegetables on his 250-square-yard plot in Finchley, London.

In a nation of gardeners, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s pastime is run-of-the-mill. But keeping up a small plot within a London community garden fits his popular image as a modest, unmanicured politician.

By Simon Montlake
Christian Science Monitor
Aug 31, 2017


“He’s the perfect man, I tell you. He doesn’t bother who he’s talking to, he’s the same,” says Joe McLean, who grows flowers, fruits, and vegetables on his allotment. He pulls out his phone to show a photo taken with Corbyn in June, just 10 days after the election.

That day, Corbyn stopped by Mr. McLean’s plot to sample his cherries and Persian cucumbers (McLean was born in Iran). Corbyn also praised the trimmed flowerbeds (“That’s my son, he did all that”) and the two cracked a joke about how McLean couldn’t rely on his daughter anymore to lend a hand as she had moved to Dubai for work.

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