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Toronto offers urban agriculture opportunities

Building Roots’ Darcy Higgins shows off the community allotment garden at the Allen Gardens property.

The city boasts 12 outdoor allotment gardens and one indoor garden where residents can rent plots

By Justin Skinner
City Centre Mirror
Aug 31, 2017


“In cities, green space is at a premium, especially publicly accessible green space,” said Rhonda Teitel-Payne of Toronto Urban Growers. “In the downtown core in particular, there’s a lot of built environment and not a lot of green space, but in some ways the space that’s there is more accessible than the space that’s available in the suburbs.”

Teitel-Payne noted that urban agriculture is cropping up in a variety of ways, from public gardens in parks to private gardens, backyard and rooftop spaces, to aquaponics. Still, when looking to start up a community garden, she noted organizers often wind up fighting an uphill battle.

“There are issues getting permission to install a project, issues with zoning, and some (property) owners are a little skeptical – they want to see the impact urban gardens will have,” she said. “Some property owners think community gardens will be ugly, messy or cause problems on the property.”

The City can also put up roadblocks, with an application process in place for those who wish to start up a community garden in parks or on other city-owned property.

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