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Chrys Gardener works at Cornell Cooperative Extension organizing community garden projects

Chrys Gardener, working with a volunteer (in orange) at the newly opened Esty Street Community Garden.
Photo by Casey Martin.

She picked the name Gardener as a sort of homage to the work that has so deeply influenced much of her adult life.

By Matt Butler
Ithaca Times
Sep 3, 2017


Gardener loves a challenge, perhaps not all the ones she’s had to overcome, but as a whole she embraces them all the same. It fuels her current work, where things can’t get too monotonous: when a community project has shown it can operate viably, Gardener is usually able to hand it off and move on to the next one. And now, with visions of increasing food security for the city’s poorer sections, she’s handing off what she’s learned during her winding journey to today, teaching the crafts she honed over years out of passion at her heights, and necessity at her depths.

She’s fairly laid back, choosing her spots of adamance seldomly. But the most adamant she is about anything: she does not regret her desperate times. Without those, Gardener thinks she wouldn’t have built the skills she has today. It taught her the importance of listening and learning, an understanding she seems intent on passing on to the community at large now. She’s been a novice gardener, she’s been borderline homeless, and now she’s here.

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