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Canada: Victoriaville has set itself a new goal for 2017: to install 100 shared garden boxes throughout town.

Sophie Legault says front yards often get more sun than backyards where there are more trees. (Julia Page/CBC)

“If have a few plants and a few fruit trees instead of just pretty trees we can become more self-sufficient.”

By Julia Page
CBC News
Sep 04, 2017


It was awarded a $15,000 grant from the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th in order to realize that initiative.

The wooden boxes, equipped with signs letting people know the produce is for the taking, are set up on people’s front lawns, at restaurants, and in other public spaces.

Sophie Legault says adding a box to her front yard was a great way to spend more time with her neighbours.

“People are always stopping by to ask questions. We have to convince them to pick the tomatoes when they’re ready,” she said.

Legault is no stranger to the urban gardening trend. Amidst the green lawns and asphalt driveways of her residential neighbourhood, tomato plants, grape vines and rows of vegetables cover more than half of her front yard.

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