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Cornelia Hahn Oberlander: The Benefit of Nature in High Density Urban Areas

We must keep every scrap of nature in and around our cities. Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.
– E.O. Wilson in The Biophilia Hypothesis (1984)

By Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, Project Director
and Deanne Manzer, Project Researcher MLA
and Kaitlyn Gillis, Project Advisor
June 26, 2017
(Must see.) Mike


Greening Strategies

– Every home within a 5 min walk to a greenspace
– Restore or enhance 25ha of natural areas
– 30ha of additional public park – 20,000 trees planted
– 200 public greening projects
– 100 ha of green roofs and
walls, including 33 ha dedicated to urban agriculture
– 200 ha of skyrise greenway (1/2 the size of Stanley park)
– 400km of park connectors – 0.8ha of parkland / 1,000

5 Strategies for Planting

Plant Vistas: plant with the window in mind – create peaceful places to look out at. Green roofs, green walls and green balconies all provide opportunities in the city.

Seasonality: select species that attract birds, bees and other insects all year long. Birds and insects help us engage with nature and leaving our thoughts & emails behind for a moment.

Larger trees: plant larger trees and give trees space to grow big and to grow old. People consistently prefer landscapes with larger trees (Kaplan). Larger trees are linked with decreased neighbourhood crime (Troy et al.)

Evergreen shrubs: use evergreen shrubs and ground cover for year round health benefits to increase green gardens along sidewalks and increased air quality.

Small relaxation pockets: create mini-gardens with benches nestled in trees and shrubs where people can look out onto nature and be visually hidden from the busy city.

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