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Plate 2: Drive-in Farmers Group receives extensions services from Kinondoni Agricultural and Livestock officers.

Gender Roles In Urban Agriculture: The Case Of Horticulture In Kinondoni Municipality, Dar Es Salaam

By Alphonce Kyessi and Fred George Njegeja (TaFoGa Net)
Dar Es Salaam
November, 2012


Executive Summary

A descriptive horticulture study was conducted to assess the status of gender roles in urban agriculture in Kinondoni Municipality Council – Dar es Salaam; as a unit of analysis in broad dimension relating to tenure security, gender and age, health, social, economic, culture, attitude, knowledge and practice. Sustainable Cities International Program assigned this study on baseline data collection to TaFoGa Net with an objectives of reviewing literature and policy framework for horticulture practices in Tanzania, determine spatial factors for horticulture activities – type and scale, where located, land tenure access and security / tenure rights, identify horticulture resources support including extension services, credit facilities, water supply, energy, etc.

– which ones and who are providing them, Formalization of horticulture activities – opportunities and challenges – does the criteria to choose farmers groups favour farmers and recommend policy review areas – decision on the actions/interventions to be taken to enhance horticulture activities. 21 horticulture groups in Kinondoni Municipality were selected by simple random sampling method, and from these groups 60 horticultural farmers were interviewed. The study focused on roles existing and practiced by women in horticultural activities in Dar es Salaam.

Computer analyzed the data collected. The methods of data collection included Interview and Observation. The standardized questionnaires were used as an interview guide. The focus group were used to get opinion, perception and suggestions from the horticultural groups and agricultural and livestock development department in Kinondoni Municipality. The study findings revealed that Kinondoni Municipality is one of the three Municipalities which compose the Dar es Salaam City Council. It has a total population of 1,083,913 (2002 census).

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