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Canada: Garden theft has some green thumbs seeing red at Saskatoon Community Garden

If a person is need of food, most gardeners are ready to share, but a recent streak of thefts in two of Saskatoon’s community gardens have left a bad taste in the mouth of some.

By Morgan Modjeski
Saskatoon Starphoenix
Sept 14, 2017


“I went down there and I called out: ‘If that’s not your garden plot, get out or I’m going to call the police,’” she said, noting the man replied he was entitled to the produce because it’s a community garden. “And I said: ‘That doesn’t mean you just come and help yourself. You have to plant the garden, you have to water it and you have to work at it.”

Scrivener said she thought the issue would end after the confrontation, but she said it was actually the beginning as the thefts continued throughout the season, “night after night.”

Jessie Best, the urban agriculture co-ordinator with CHEP Good Food Inc., said the best ways to prevent theft is through a “multi-tiered” approach, involving both public education and potential security enhancements, noting the level of theft varies from garden to garden.

“A lot of the vandalism and theft is maybe just bored kids, wandering through on summer holidays and they don’t have a good sense where to direct their energy, so it might be a one-time thing,” she said. “You might be able to reach out to those kids or those individuals and try to engage them in the gardening process and try and make them feel part of that community.”

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