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These Green Surfers in Ireland Turned a Small Garden into an Amazing Community Farm

Starting nearby with a back garden in 2012, then a 1/2 acre community garden, to a loaned 1 acre site, we kept working and saving to create what is now Moy Hill Farm: 17 acres bought in 2015 and run as a CSA

By Alan Stokes
The Inertia
Sept 18, 2017


It’s no easy task but all of the work is done with a sustainable approach. Pigs help to rotavate the field and local seaweed and sand are used as opposed to fertilizers or pesticides. Everyone is invited to come and help grow and in return, when the harvest is done, is rewarded with the literal fruits (and vegetables) of their labour.

The mission here is a simple one: to feed local people, love the earth, and inspire. But to keep on progressing in that direction they continue to work with whatever is necessary – soil, seeds, shovels, and long days in the field, farmers, banks, politics (Fergal stood for election last year), NGOs, charities, schools and universities, as well as yoga, meditation, and community building practices. The Moy Hill crew grow food but also hold an open door for anyone to stay, work, learn, grow, and heal.

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