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Hawaii: Makiki Community Garden in Honolulu

Click image to see larger file. Photo by Karen De Borga.

“Although, since there is such a large immigrant community in the garden, some of the vegetables I don’t even recognize,” she admits.

By Tom Kunz
Hawaii Home
Issue: August 2015


Besides education, gardening is also good for the pocketbook, as the cost of organic food in Hawaii continues to rise. “My daughter loves cherry and grape tomatoes, so our family can go through a container in a day and a half,” Lake says. “That’s $5 per container on sale, which adds up to $20 per week in just tomatoes! That’s why we have five tomato plants in our plot.”

Video from 2015.

Each garden plot is 10 feet by 10 feet and it is possible to squeeze a lot into that amount of space. “When first got my plot, I thought it was so small,” says Lake. “As we planted, we found we could have a variety of vegetables and ornamental plants. At one point, there was so much lettuce and kale, we couldn’t harvest fast enough. It’s about maximizing the space and utilizing complementary gardening to get the best out of your plants.”

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