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New Zealand: Fighting to save an urban food forest in the heart of Auckland

Trevor Crosby is fighting to save a food forest in the heart of Auckland. Photo by Sally Tagged [See great video on website.]

Sanctuary Gardens Mahi Whenua, in the heart of Auckland, is a food forest and community garden where more than 60 local families are growing fresh food.

By Nicky Pellegrino
October 2 2017


“All we can say at the moment is that the future is uncertain,” says retired entomologist Trevor Crosby, who is determined to do what he can to save what he describes as, “a hidden biodiversity jewel of Auckland.”

Trevor isn’t against development but argues that cities also need open spaces where nature can thrive. Sanctuary Gardens is currently home to more than 400 species of plants and trees, some relatively rare.

This site is significant too. “It’s not just that it’s a garden. It’s one of the first multilayer food forests in Auckland and was set up as an example of what could be done throughout New Zealand. Also, it has cultural significance. M?ori gardening artefacts have been found, so we know kumara was grown here in pre-European times and we’re doing the same today.”

Since he retired, the Sanctuary has become an increasingly special place for Trevor, and drumming up support to save it has been his focus since he learned of Unitec’s plans back in March. “I’m just trying to do my bit to say we can’t let it be bulldozed out of existence.”

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