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City Farmer’s Compost Garden featured in Arbutus Greenway ‘Design Jam’ Video

A ‘Design Jam’ is a multi-day, collaborative workshop with the goal of developing a clear, detailed, realistic design for a project—in this case, the design for the future Arbutus Greenway.

From City of Vancouver
Welcome to the Deign Jam
Oct 2017

The Kitsilano portion of the Arbutus Greenway contains a number of distinct character areas. Examples include:

The stretch around West 6th Avenue, which runs east-west, compared with the rest of the corridor, which tends to run north-south. The experience of being in an established neighbourhood here is defined by neighbouring multi-family homes, 6th and Fir Park, “corner store” style shops, and long-established community gardens. The traffic calmed streets and neighbourhood feel provides a sense of calm to the greenway.

The Marpole section of the Arbutus Greenway also has many distinct characteristics, including the following:

Community Gardens and Victory Gardens, which date back to the Second World War, are located in neighbouring street rights-of-way. Song birds, bees, and lush vegetation contribute to the presence of nature in these areas.

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