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FAO: Urban Food Actions Platform – New website

This webpage will basically function as a one-stop place where you can find all information related to urban food systems and rural-urban linkages. The platform is organized around 6 main tabs: a) Homepage; b) Background; c) Areas of focus; d) Knowledge produces; e) Events; f) Partners; g) Share with us.

Oct 2017


Food production and ecosystem management. Food production depends on and impacts on ecosystem services and biodiversity, with spillover effects going beyond food.

This area of focus deals with evidence and actions to optimize agriculture production while managing ecosystem services and biodiversity and improving resilience to climate change. For instance, promoting and strengthening nutrition-sensitive and diversified urban and peri-urban food production and processing based on sustainable methods as a way to mitigate heat island effect;

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Sierra Club: The Garden, Reconsidered

Photo By Casarsaguru/Istock.

The garden is no exemplar of how to create a right relationship with life on Earth

By Jason Mark
Sierra Club
Oct 21 2017


Make no mistake: The garden is an unethical place. Even the virtuous garden—which is to say, a garden tended with an eye toward striking some balance with other plants and animals—ultimately disregards other species in favor of human hungers.

Take Alemany Farm. When we find a gopher eating our potatoes, we set a trap to kill the offender. We target slugs and snails, and set out baited snares to capture and kill coddling moths. When we spot a weed that may be competing with our crops, we rip it out by the roots, then unceremoniously toss it in the compost pile. It’s all organic, sure; every bit of it is a calculated killing.

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Canada: Vancouver students dig in for Farm to School month

Jenna Jaski of Victory Gardens Vancouver helps facilitate the Classroom Gardener program at East Van’s David Livingstone elementary school. The program is one of many across the city that aim to get students out of classrooms and into the garden and the kitchen. Photo by Dan Toulgoet.

Every class gets to spend time in the garden and by the end of the year-long session, every student will have had a chance to experience all the facets of the garden.

By Jessica Kerr
Vancouver Courier
Oct 23, 2017


“Teachers are looking for ways to get kids learning outside because they need to get kids moving and there’s a ton of benefit for children’s physical health being outside,” she said, adding that being outside also has mental health benefits.

“We see huge numbers of children struggling with anxiety in school, so how do we take them outside? Because being outside is very protective against mental health problems in children.”

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Springer Urban Agriculture Book Series

Onda Akio. Picking Plums. Late 20th century.

Sharing Experiences and Research Results in Urban Food Production and Related Food System Issues

Published and Forthcoming Books:

Informal Urban Agriculture: The Secret Lives of Guerrilla Gardeners, M. Hardman and P. Larkham

Family Urban Agriculture in Russia: Lessons and Prospects, 2015, L. Boukharaeva and M. Marloie

Farming on the Fringe: Peri-Urban Agriculture, Cultural Diversity and Sustainability in Sydney, S James

Rooftop Urban Agriculture, 2017. F.Orsini, M. Dubbeling, H. de Zeeuw and G. Gianquinto (eds.) – available for ordering

Towards Sustainable Relations between Agriculture and the City, 2017, C. Soulard, C. Perrin and E. Valette (eds.) – available for ordering

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