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Herban Sprout is growing fresh food in Martinsburg, W. Virginia

Matt Denton in front of new 24-by-40 foot plot.

They sell to 13 restaurants and cafés in Martinsburg and Shepherdstown, W.Va., Greencastle, Pa., Winchester, Va., and Hagerstown.

By Robin Murphy
The Herald-Mail
Oct 20, 2017


Established in February of 2015 on a eighth of an acre, Herban Sprout grew into a viable business from the Denton’s doing smaller deliveries of excess greens to the local community.

“We were already farming for our family on a smaller scale. Every spare minute we had we were spending out in the garden.” Stephanie Denton said. “It was a natural decision. This is what we want to be doing anyway, so we decided to do it on a larger scale.”

Part of the Denton’s mission is to normalize food in a residential area to redefine what a farm is for the community.

“It’s great for people to walk by and see tomatoes and flowers growing instead of grass. We make it seem more normal and not to be afraid to put a garden in their front yard,” said Stephanie. “There’s definitely a movement going on in the country and world right now where people are trying to establish gardens instead of lawns.”

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