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Madagascar: Antananarivo’s ‘Urban Agriculture Programme‘ Winner of Milan Pact Award

Toronto and the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, were announced as winners of the Milan Pact Awards for best urban practices in sustainable food management.

By Barbara Szewcow, Jonathan Andrews
Cities Today
31st October 2017


Carmen Zuleta Ferrari, Urban Planner and spokesperson for the city of Antananarivo, told Cities Today about the success of Madagascan ‘Urban Agriculture Programme‘. A pilot of 30 vulnerable households has now evolved into 24 neighbourhoods, 21 training institutions and more than 15,000 beneficiaries.

“With a garden consisting of a barrel, a table and five yellow jerry cans, it is possible to produce 16 kg of green vegetables (chard or salad) in 60 days, which can be valued at US$9.72 in local street markets.”

She added: “Our experience is that fighting against malnutrition has to include a 360 degree approach. Teaching young generations must be one on the main pillars of change.”

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