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Pittsburgh: Superior Motors is starting its own urban farm in Braddock

It is the first restaurant in the Pittsburgh area to open its own urban farm.

By Kelly Lynn Thomas
Next Pittsburgh
October 25, 2017


Hart officially starts work on November 1, and over the winter he’ll focus on building infrastructure for the rooftop garden and farm plot, testing for contaminants like lead, and remediating the soil.

“Every empty plot around is really just a flat pile of rubble,” Hart says. Eleven years after Grow Pittsburgh began its Braddock farm, workers are still digging up bricks and pieces of concrete, Hart says. He expects a similar situation with the Superior Motors lot, which used to house a radio station.

Needed infrastructure includes heating and ventilation for the rooftop greenhouse, an irrigation system for the raised bed and possibly a deer fence for the farm plot. Hart also plans to add sand and compost to the plot’s thick clay soil to get it ready for its first growing season.

“It’s going to be really hard,” Hart says. “You have to figure things out on the fly constantly.”

Sousa will expect his restaurant staff to harvest produce from the farm and rooftop garden. They also plan to preserve anything they don’t use immediately. Already Sousa makes various pickles, jams and jellies with what he buys from local farms to use all year.

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