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Canada: What to do with those Jack-o’-lanterns after Halloween?

Go to timeline: 01:52:25 to hear the four minute piece.

City Farmer’s Lynsey Dobbie answers that question on CBC Radio

City Farmer has composted in dozens of bins over the years. We recommend ‘rodent-resistant’ bins to all Vancouver gardeners because rats are a common pest in our City.

Some of the bins:

FreeGarden Earth Bin: In 2017, The City of Vancouver began offering this plastic bin for sale at a subsidized rate of $25.

Cedar Creek Bin: All bins are lined with 19 gauge galvanized wire mesh to aid rodent resistance.

Speedibin: 24 gauge galvalume pre-painted sheet metal. Its 405 litres (107 US gallons) is ideal for most home owners, small enough to fit unobtrusively into a corner, yet large enough to heat up and work efficiently.

Critter-Proof Composting Bin (Bear-proof): This composter is made using concrete formwork, faced with stone, with recessed bolts holding aluminum lid, front door and back vent in place.

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