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Urban Flower Farm Raising Thousands for Des Moines City’s First Mobile Flower Truck

Scattered across backyards throughout the Des Moines area, our urban farm grows local, sustainable cut flowers that reflect the season. From tulips to sweet peas, peonies to dahlias, and everything in between.

By Jodi Whitworth
October 29, 2017


Moeller’s goal is to turn a 1972 Ford ice cream truck into a mobile flower truck.

“We’ll scoot across the city just like area food trucks and offer our blooms. So it’s just like bringing the fresh cut, farm local blooms right to the customer.”

The bouquets will be arranged from the gardens of urban flower farms from across the city.

She launched her own flower farm, Tiny Acre Farms, in 2016. The concept of a mobile flower truck is the first of its kind in the city, but Moeller believes it will have a strong backing.

“People really want to get behind a local entrepreneur looking to start something here in Des Moines.”

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See their funding-raising site.