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Rebuilding Iraq: Proposed 3D-Printing ‘Farming Bridges’ To Regenerate War-Torn Mosul

The farms and orchards will be irrigated by water from the Tigris river. All images © Vincent Callebaut architectures

The stacked housing units conceived by Vincent Callebaut are covered with urban farms and agricultural fields.

By Isabel Narea
Oct 31, 2017


This would not only guarantee food autonomy to inhabitants, but also excellent thermal inertia to the built environment. the farms and orchards are irrigated by water from the tigris river, and plowed by archimedes screws. Furthermore, gray water from bathrooms and kitchens is recycled and filtered by plants in lagoon waterfalls connected with the river. biomass composters feed the orchards and vegetable gardens suspended in biological fertilizers.

Titled ‘five farming bridges’, the concept puts forward the construction of affordable and adaptable bridges topped with modular housing units. The inhabited bridges are seen as a strategy to rebuild a new city over the ruins of the old one. to address the shortage of affordable housing, the bridges would be 3D printed using debris from war ruins, creating more than 53,000 homes.

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