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A New Book by Permaculture Co-originator David Holmgren

The book will be launched by Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne on February 10 2018.


David Holmgren’s new book, RetroSuburbia shows how Australians can downshift and retrofit their homes, gardens, communities and, above all, themselves to be more self-organised, sustainable and resilient into an uncertain future. It promises a challenging but exciting mix of satisfying work, a more meaningful way of living and hope for the next generation.

“RetroSuburbia,” David explains, “is the closest thing we have to a plan for the growth of household and community economies that could, over time, replace much of the declining, top heavy, centralised and overcomplicated ways of providing for human needs and desires that we currently call the economy.”

“Aren’t we all craving real world ways to make an impact, and make our lives feel significant in the face of the global challenges we face?” David asks. “I believe permaculture provides people with hands-on, creative solutions to create positive change, and a clear path that can provide models for those searching for a better way of living.”

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