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Canada: City councillor wants to make commercial farming legal for Winnipeg homeowners

Allard compares the idea to other sharing services like Uber and AirBNB. The councillor says urban agriculture is an efficient use of land, is economical and could cut down on greenhouse gases from transporting food.

By Jeff Keele
CTC News
Nov 3, 2017


A city councillor wants Winnipeg homeowners to be able to farm in their yards.

Currently city rules do not allow homeowners to grow fruits and veggies in their yards for commercial purposes.

Allard wants Winnipeg’s newly established food council to study how this could be permitted with set regulations, including how people could rent out their properties.

“You might have a company that is willing to do urban agriculture in Winnipeg but they don’t have the land but they could have the land if people were able to register on a website saying yeah use part of my backyard,” said Allard.

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