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Canada: Government of the Northwest Territories signed an agreement to develop backyard agriculture by-laws. “Not enough” says expert.

Jackie Milne, President of Hay River’s Northern Farm Training Institute.

“We have such a need for food. To nurture, to build up and grow the food side. It’s great if these by-laws are going to help the average person grow food; but, let’s focus on the real thing here,” she sternly presses. “Agriculture is a sector. It’s like mining. It’s a key area that can contribute in a lasting way to our economy in the North. It’s so neglected, it’s pathetic. It’s shameful.”

By Cameron Wilkinson
My Yellowknife
Nov. 2, 2017


Jackie Milne, President of Hay River’s Northern Farming Institute, says the by-laws aren’t particularly new, nor are they any help.

“This work is redundant,” Milne says with a very flat tone. “A few years ago, I actually helped Hay River Agriculture Plan grant from the Government to do an agriculture strategy. It was done by a professional agriculture organization from Alberta. It systematically addressed all of the different types of by-laws that can exist in a community that can be reviewed or altered. It’s publicly available.

“So now,” Milne continued. “Is that the focus of what we should be focusing on? Making by-laws for little urban backyards that are really more like pets.”

Director of Economic Development, Tracy St. Denis, says these by-laws are just a beginner’s tool in the grand scheme of things.

“These are templates,” St. Denis says. “They’re for communities to use in case they want to get into the beginning stages of backyard farming. Sometimes these communities don’t have the ability to actually develop these by-laws, so that’s why we’re working with the NWT.”

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