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Canada: Forget backyard chickens, council shifts focus to food security in London, Ontario

“A small victory for chickens” says animal welfare group after council rejects proposal to allow backyard laying hens #ldnont

About a dozen animal welfare supporters poured into the city’s gallery to voice their disapproval

CBC News
Nov 15, 2017


Londoners will have to hold off on raising backyard laying hens – and current coop owners will have to continue flying under the radar.

Animal Liberation Alliance London, From Their Facebook page:
“Small victory for chickens tonight as city council voted to remove back yard chickens from the cities agricultural plan. Small victory because they did it for all the wrong reasons. We are still not recognizing chickens as having a right to not be exploited by humans. Most of the councillors voted against it because they saw chickens in the city as an unnecessary burden or a nuisance.

The mayor was in favour of the issue because he didn’t think chickens were worthy of any concern at all.”
We are a vegan abolitionist activist group who seek to end speciesism and exploitation of non-humans through social justice and vegan advocacy.

From their website:
We do not support welfare reform of existing non-human enterprises. We acknowledge their inherent right not to be used for any purpose.
In our capacity to suffer, all sentient beings are equal and deserve justice.
All sentient animals deserve to be happy, safe and free.

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