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Korean Urban Farmers, Cultivating Hope

Must see video. Link here.

“As soon as we enlarge our cultivation area and secure a sufficient yield, we hope to create a model for the 6th Industrialization of Urban Agriculture, which includes processing for commercial packaging.”

The World on Airang
Nov 13, 2017
(Must see video. Mike)


Some farmers are now trying to make profits by farming, pushing it beyond a hobby. And they are here in Haengchon , central Seoul. Run by 23 urban farmers in the neighborhood, this farm received an official certification as an urban farming community last year. Their first goal was to build a farm that fulfilled their purpose. With a large outdoor farm 230m2(meter square) in size and 140 garden beds, every nook of the neighborhood is used as farmland. These farmers grow their own plants from seeds. Earlier this year, they planted and raised a total of 50 thousand seedlings and made some profit.

“As for this year, we raised and sold seedlings worth approximately US$5,000. The members also grew crops from those seedlings in their gardens or garden beds and made extra profits.”

They also opted for plants with high yields for small spaces, like herbs and chrysanthemums. 100 stocks of chrysanthemums, which will be in full bloom soon, are set to be supplied to the local borough office. Also, a total of 14 medical herbs and crops are currently under cultivation tests. All members are novice farmers, but they all have years of experience growing plants and garden beds.
They received adequate training to learn how to plant and grow herbs and other medicinal plants to become real farmers in the city.

They set some principles they must follow regarding farming with a strong sense of professionalism.

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