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Canada: Rapper tells the story of Frisch Farms Vancouver

Gabriel Pliska raps about CSA urban farming as he walks through the streets of Vancouver.

FRISCH is the German word for FRESH. Frisch sounds fresher. Kinda crisp and crunchy like a fresh snap pea.

By Gabriel Pliska
Frisch Farms


It was in the Spring of 2012 when I moved back to Canada from Germany where I was teaching English and semi-retired…

Then once in Vancouver, I started growing vegetables in some raised garden beds with new roommates in Kitsilano and I remembered how much fun it was to garden with my mother while growing up in Ottawa as a child. I knew gardening was my passion!

I’m not a millionaire but I feel like one,” declares Gabriel Pliska. This Vancouver, B.C. urban farmer gives a tour of a residential front yard garden, including planted boxes in the boulevard strip beside the curb.

Later in 2012, while brainstorming with my brother the idea sprouted – grow a lot of food and do it in other people’s yards! Without much land for growing in the urban area, I started asking around for yard space close by. I figured I could hustle hard and make my best efforts to sell veggies locally through markets, grocery stores, restaurants and home-delivery.

This is Frisch Farms Vancouver. As I had lived in Germany for 2.5 years, I thought to have a foreign language word for this new gardening idea.

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