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Canada: Vancouver’s ‘City Beet Farm’ Grows in Front and Back Yards

This summer we are growing over 70 types of veggies and cut flowers for our 22 week CSA program that runs from end of May to mid-October.

Maddy & Elana, City Beet Farm
From Young Agrarians
Posted by Kristen Nammour


The greatest business challenge that we face as a young farmer is managing cash flow so that we can pay-off the cost of the business and keep ourselves afloat in our first season. Our business goals are to pay off the cost of the business; deliver the best possible veggies to a sold-out CSA program; and to explore new revenue streams, including cut-flowers and a food-truck collaboration. We are feeling super grateful and on track to be able to achieve that through the help of our mentors and the YA network.

Our website and the streamlined nature of collecting payments that it provides is really instrumental for our CSA and helps keep our lives simple. We are also really into the Quickbooks accounting software and our large desk-top paper calendar to keep us on track.

If we had a farming super power it would be to chill-out like mycorrhizae in the roots of plants for a few minutes each day. We’d love to be able to tap into that network and listen to the communication that goes on in the under ground ecosystem. We’d respond just right to the plants cues of thirst, hunger and danger, instead we must learn to do that by careful observation and intuition.

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