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South African urban farmers grow herbs and crops on rooftops

About 100 buildings have already been identified where similar farms in the city will be set up.

Africa News
Nov 21, 2017


Nhlanhla Mpati is tending his farm in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mpati is among a group of farmers in the country who are growing herbs and other crops on rooftops in urban cities.

He is part of project run by various organizations that wants to make more produce available in the inner city and provide jobs for entrepreneurs who want to farm but don’t have access to land.

Mpati grows basil and other herbs at the farm using a hydroponics system on top of the city’s Chamber of Mines building.

The technology allows one to grow crops using dissolved nutrient solutions in water instead of soil.

It also helps farmers make use of limited spaces to grow crops.

“I’ve been growing basil for the past three years so I’m experienced with it but it was soil-based farming, nothing in hydroponics, this was my first grow and that’s why I chose basil. I knew how to grow the crop, it was very profitable and I knew I’d get a better price at market because it’s a crop that they’re currently struggling to get and that was validated with my first harvest,” said Mpati.

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