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Canada: Made-in-Toronto devices aim to make indoor gardening simple

Modgarden founder Aamar Khwaja. Photo by Samuel Engelking.

Consumer demand for cannabis-centric systems is also high

By Rae Ann Fera
November 24, 2017


Of course, when people think of growing herbs indoors, a different variety comes to mind.

With federal legislation legalizing marijuana, including growing at home, coming in July 2018, that other herb is on the radars of Modgarden and HiGarden.

HiGarden has already designed a four-pot prototype of the VIGA in anticipation of the four-plant growing limit the law will allow, but beyond that, no modifications have been made, largely because weed is still illegal.

The challenge with retrofitting existing units is that while you don’t need to lock up basil, you’ll want to keep cannabis away from kids. Security and sufficient airflow – not to mention the fact that marijuana is notoriously finicky to keep alive – are chief concerns.

Khwaja is researching modifications for Modgarden but says that, for the moment anyway, his focus is on “feeding people.”

To date, only a few growing units are purpose-built for pot and are still in prototype or early-market stages – or sold out.

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