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Hong Kong urban farmers find bliss in rooftop gardens

Pol Fàbrega is the co-founder of sustainable living group Rooftop Republic. Photo: Edmond So

Sustainable living proponents praise benefits but lament regulatory hurdles

By Yujing Liu
South China Morning Post
Nov 25, 2017


Some 60 rooftop farms and 1,400 farmers have emerged locally over the past decade, and a handful of farms are added each year, according to Mathew Pryor, an associate professor and head of the landscape architecture ­division at the University of Hong Kong.

More than 7.38 million people now live in just 2,754 square km in the city, and only 24 per cent of the land is developable urban area. Hong Kong is likely to stay the world’s most densely populated city in 2025, according to a Bloomberg study.

Sustainable living group Rooftop Republic is one of the city’s most active farming groups. It now manages 33 farms spanning 30,000 sq ft.

“Growing up in high-rise, high-density cities such as Hong Kong naturally disconnects us from nature,” says Andrew Tsui, co-founder of the two-year-old start-up.

“So I started thinking, as ­ordinary working city dwellers, how we could incorporate nature into our lifestyle.”

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