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Why it pays to grow herbs at home – even in winter

Basil, parsley and coriander are easy to cultivate: all you need is a windowsill – and some helpful advice

By Alys Fowler
The Guardian
Nov 25, 2017


Herbs are easy to grow; all you need is a windowsill. And, unlike in supermarkets, you get to choose from 40 types: the tiny leaves of Ocimum basilicum ‘Pluto’ pack a mighty punch; O. basilicum ‘Mrs Burns’ is by far the best lemon; and O. basilicum ‘Dark Opal’ is the best purple, with spicy, warm flavours.

Basil is my favourite indoor herb, but parsley and coriander can be treated in the same way. A packet of seed will cost around the same as a shop-bought plant and, sown judiciously, will last a year.

You will have to buy compost and find a pot, but even with these costs you will save money over the year. I make no bones about being in love with the peat-free SylvaGrow compost. It also comes in manageable 15-litre bags.

Your recycling bin will have any number of suitable growing containers in it, from takeaway trays to yoghurt pots: all you need to do is punch in some drainage holes. However, a windowsill propagator kit is well worth investing in; Sarah Raven offers a great one for less than £20.

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