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Indoor farming expert says Korea, Japan need to up investment

Toyoki Kozai, professor emeritus of Chiba University and president of the Japan Plant Factory Association, speaks to the press at an indoor farming facility in Chiba University in Chiba, Japan. (Son Ji-hyoung / The Korea Herald)

An example is the $1 billion investment into factory farms by Sanabio, a joint venture between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese optoelectronics giant Sanan Group.

By Son Ji-hyoung
Korea Herald
Nov 26, 2017


In the wake of cost-saving light-emitting diode technologies, now is the best time to invest in indoor farming, according to Kozai.

Currently, products grown in indoor vertical farms are 20 to 30 percent more expensive than those of conventional farms.

JPFA, a Chiba University-affiliated vegetable factory operated across 10,000 square meters, uses solar light to grow tomatoes and strawberries, and artificial light for lettuce production.

The nonprofit organization, headed by Kozai, has sought automation of the facility by amassing a database, while adopting hydroponics — or soilless — technologies.

Combined with the advent of artificial intelligence, such progress is taking factory farming technology to new heights. For example, JPFA will be able to produce lettuce for heart disease patients by modifying lights, Kozai said.

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