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City-Dwellers Take Root in Albany’s New Urban Agriculture Supply Shop

They’re busy planning outreach classes for the spring, possibly taught by volunteer Master Gardeners or County Extension workers.

By Chris McDowell
Corvallis AdvocateFeature
December 6, 2017


In July, the couple opened Urban Ag Supply in a small space in downtown Albany, where they sell everything from soil amendments to hydroponic supplies, and books with an ecological tilt. Selling only local and environmentally friendly products, the purpose of the store, according to Sara, is to be a “community garden hub” for Albany and the surrounding area.

Perusing the shelves, there are bags and bottles with funny-sounding names like “diatomaceous earth and nectar of the gods.” There are, of course, supplies for emerging urban farmers, backyard chicken handlers, beekeepers, urban plot gardeners, and hobby farmers. They’ve even garnered some small business from pot harvesters, possibly because of their assortment of grow lamps.

Gifts abound at Urban Ag Supply for the holidays, or for any time of year. The store focuses exclusively on small, handcrafted products and locally made artwork. Shoppers can browse a healthy collection of instructional books, selected per customer requests on the company’s Facebook page, that span the topics of urban agriculture and ecologically conscious living.

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