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‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Director Trish Sie on Choosing the Right Music and Raising Chickens

In between working on imaginative projects for bands like Ok Go!, Sie and her husband Roe, parents of two boys, own the King’s Roost, an urban farm supply store in Silver Lake, Calif., that also offers classes in homey arts like soapmaking and beekeeping.

By Pat Saperstein
Dec 21, 2017


I love being dirty and being connected to the earth. Especially when you’re in this city and this business, when I get my hands in the dirt, and get a chicken on my lap, and get flour all over the counter, it just feels good.

We had been milling our own grains, keeping chickens, keeping bees, we have a tilapia farm in the backyard where the fish poop feeds the plants, we had become really eccentrically obsessed with these things. We thought, what if we could just go to one place and get all the materials and the inspiring books and take classes and find all your chicken supplies and your beekeeping supplies? We thought if there was anyone obsessed like us, they would be in Silver Lake.

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The King’s Roost, their urban agriculture store.