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Japan: ‘Tokyo Salad’ growing 400 plants in unused warehouse located under elevated transit lines

The strict hygienic conditions inside of the Tokyo Metro Co.’s cultivation center in Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward. (Mainichi)

Tokyo Metro Goes ‘Train to Table’ with Hydroponic Lettuce

By Leon Kaye
Triple Pundit
Dec 19th, 2017


As showcased recently in one of Tokyo’s major daily newspapers, the company, Tokyo Salad, is growing about 400 plants in what was previously an unused warehouse located under one of the subway system’s elevated transit lines. The startup, a joint venture between rail operator Tokyo Metro and a development company, currently markets 11 varieties of greens.

The facility, in which LED lights shine on plants 16 hours a day, raises basil, kale and lettuces without the use of any soil or fertilizers. Water used to mist these plants include minerals such as zinc, phosphorous and potassium. And this uber-hygienic operation is a more sophisticated venture than your local hydroponics store: as one Tokyo Metro employee explained to Public Radio International (PRI) when the venture first started, the five-week process that turns seeds into greens is largely treated as a trade secret.

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