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City Farmer Beer With a Splash of Homegrown Mulberries

Silky Suds!

By Maria Keating
City Farmer
Dec 2017

May we present this year’s edition of City Farmer beer, ‘Silky Suds’. It is a smooth pale ale brewed with hops grown in compost here at our Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden. A splash of mulberries from our mulberry tree was added to the brew.

Mulberry leaves are used to raise the silk worms, cocoons, and eventually moths. The life cycle of this insect has been so much fun to watch. Visitors in August, who picked mulberries from our tree, told us so many stories about their experiences with the fruit that we knew that some had to be added to our beer this year.

A rocket of beer.

A young visitor to our garden office enjoying the growing, silkworm larvae.

Silkworms dining on our mulberry leaves.

Silkworm moths emerging from cocoons at City Farmer.

Newspaper article about Maria growing hops at The Compost Garden.