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A Cleveland priest discovers one of the dangers of urban farming

“Contrary to what some of the media reported, this had nothing to do about the chickens or stealing eggs. It was a random attack and may have been gang related.

By Phillip Morris
The Plain Dealer
Dec 20, 2017


I had to go see Father John Kumse’s black and white chickens for myself. Word on the street was that the birds almost cost the priest his life.

He was shot at three times last Monday night after retrieving eggs from the chickens, which he keeps in a fenced yard behind St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Collinwood. The story is beyond bizarre.

Two robbers ambushed Kumse as he carried several eggs back toward the rectory. One pointed a gun and issued the following order: “Give me the eggs.”

Kumse, 65, ran and was fired at three times. A neighbor, hearing the commotion, came out onto his porch and the robbers fled into the night. In this season of miracles, Kumse survived a nearly fatal egg robbery.

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