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Urban Seas Aquaculture successfully grows shrimp in the heart of a landlocked city – Greenville, South Carolina

Valeska Minkowski holds a shrimp from one of her tanks at Urban Seas Aquaculture on Monday, December 4, 2017. (Photo: Lauren Petracca, LAUREN PETRACCA\STAFF)

While the November harvest yielded about 60-70 pounds of shrimp per tank, Minkowski anticipates a year from now those numbers could be more like 120 to 150 pounds per tank.

By Lillia Callum-Penso
Greenville News
Dec. 29, 2017


The past year has brought a number of lessons and realizations. Namely, while Minkowski originally thought she would sell to local restaurants, that plan has moved to a fourth-year goal, she says. While there is a lot of interest, she has realized that she just can’t provide the quantity needed.

Instead, she plans to provide shrimp to restaurants and local caterers for special events, which will allow her to plan and harvest ahead. And she plans to step up her sales to the public, though she’s not yet sure what form those will take.

Looking ahead, Minkowski plans to use year two to hone processes and to improve efficiency. With a doctorate in fisheries and aquatic science, Minkowski has the passion and the know-how to do just that. Every issue, every challenge she has encountered over the past year has provided important data that will inform the future of the company.

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