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Nairobi Establishes a Framework from Which Urban Agriculture Can Flourish

According to the Kenyan news outlet Mediamax, the government is developing urban farming projects in all 17 of Nairobi’s sub-counties.

By Cameron St. Germain
New York City Food Policy Centre
Jan 2018


The objectives of the Act are to:

Contribute to food security through the development of agriculture in the county by empowering the people and institutions through allowing and facilitating agricultural activities for subsistence and commercial purposes.

Promote increased access to agricultural extension services and promote the development of people’s capacity in food production, value addition, value chain development and employment creation.

Promote, support, and guide the development of urban agriculture.
Regulate access to land and water for use in urban agriculture.
Protect food safety, public health, and the environment by defining environmental standards for urban agriculture.
Institutionalise administrative procedures for access to agricultural resources including organic waste.
Provide for procedures to monitor positive and negative effects of urban agriculture.
Establish procedures to oversee law enforcement on issues regarding urban agriculture.
Facilitate job creation in the county by encouraging agriculture as an alternative source of income.

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