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Growing Urban Orchards: How to Care for Fruit Trees in the City and Beyond

The author teaches fruit tree care workshops

By Susan Poizner
Orchard People
Oct. 24 2017

Learn how to care for fruit trees in the city and beyond. Fruit trees are delicate and need specialized care, especially when they’re planted in an urban environment, which comes with its own unique challenges. Whether you want to plant a single fruit tree or an entire orchard, this book will show you how to save time and money and be successful right from the start.

An orchardist and fruit tree care educator, Susan Poizner guides novices and experts alike through every step of the process. She describes which key elements are necessary in site preparation, offers a basic overview of the anatomy of fruit trees, and explains how to select trees.

Also covered are critical concerns, such as cross-pollinating versus self-pollinating trees, bare-root versus potted trees, and whether the fruit will be for eating, cooking, or canning. Thorough instructions are provided for planting and staking, as well as pointers on how to care for both young and mature trees.

From assessing soil,selecting the right fertilizer and pruning trees to choosing the proper tools, boosting biodiversity and preventing pests and diseases, no leaf is left unturned. This vast wealth of knowledge is accompanied by illustrations and color photos, along with inspiring stories of orchards and tree farms.

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