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Square Mile Farm tunnel to help insulate produce this winter in Amarillo, Texas

Square Mile is going the extra mile for the community with a 100-ft cover to protect their produce.

They hope they will inspire community members through their urban farming initiatives.

By Destiny Richards
News Channel 10
Jan 6, 2018


A caterpillar tunnel was placed over the farm’s greens and herbs today, which will act as a temporary greenhouse to trap in warmth and keep the plants growing throughout the winter.

The structure will act as a larger version of the smaller tunnels they’ve been using to protect the plants so far.

They say it can also be repurposed year-round to protect the plants from various climates.

“For in the summer, put shade cloth over the top to give the greens some shade because they don’t like heat. If it’s too hot they kind of stagnate. We want to prevent that from happening too,” said Danny Melius, owner of Nuke City Veg.

A group of volunteers helped set up the tunnel this morning, and say managing the farm is a big responsibility.

“Pulling out rebar, other days running through all the beds, trimming produce, collecting produce, weighing produce, and helping Danny Melius with Nuke City Veg selling the produce,” said Blake Mendez, a volunteer with Square Mile Farm. “Working with Danny and Brady almost every Saturday, except for some Saturdays when the wind was 35, 40 miles per hour, 12 degrees, I clearly didn’t come out, but for the most part, we’re always out here to help.”

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